Sunday, January 31, 2016

Binge reading

I went on a bit of a graphic novel binge recently and I blame my job, I do some cataloguing as part of my job and there was a pile of graphic novels, which can be a bit involved in the cataloguing, particularly when they're collected issues, there's also often added characters and other messing. And then because I care there's often missing issues, and I do check.  As I did them I sequestered a few away to read.  I find them an easy read, even if I do get a bit... well caught up in the world and I can find the real world a bit dizzying afterwards.  It was also helped by the rubbish weather at the moment which is playing merry hob with my sinuses which also decreases my ability to concentrate.  There are one or two left but I've finished with most of them and I thought I'd write something about them.

There were a few non-fiction ones.

Trauma is Really Strange; Dad's not there any more and Story of my tits.

All three are interesting, Dad isn't here any more is heartbreaking.
Storm, about which I've blogged before 

One based on a true story

Then there were Superhero novels.... a lot of superhero novels.

some gods

which was interesting

which was heartwarming and heartbreaking

which shows promise

which made me want to re-read, and read Bradbury, and get my hands on the other version, with more writers.

an interesting murder mystery in McCarthy era Hollywood

Which is excellent and features Dublin, which I pointed out to several people in work.

strange, very strange

Where some people discover more about themselves when everyone else goes away.

A few that were okay but I have no urge to read more


A few I didn't really enjoy

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