Thursday, June 22, 2006

The last in the series and what a finale, Kitty learns how to wield magic, Nathaniel learns more about himself and Bartimaeus learns more about humans.

Complicated politics and interesting characters makes this story live and breathe and be infinitely interesting.

Sunday, June 18, 2006

Enjoyed this one, Soz's earlier years, when she has to fight for the right to go for training, almost losing her family. This was more concerned with events rather than a romance proper and I really enjoyed it.

Not as good as a Fragment of Time this is the story of Rosie, evacuated to the US during the war she returns to England to find that things have changed and that her sister envies and hates her. The people she knew then aren't the same either.

This book fell down mostly in not having a greater range of names within the main characters, I kept getting Joe and Jack mixed up in my head.

Having read two of this woman's works I don't know that I would have very much enthuaism for reading more, they were okay but didn't fire me with enthuaism for finding more by her.

The story opens with Helen snatching freedom from her opressive mother by marrying Heine Weber, a young greman, who is in England to escape the growing Nazi threat. When war breaks out tho Helen's world starts falling apart, particularly when Heine ends up in an internment camp. Then she loses her son Christophe to evacuation. How she copes with all this is the book's story.

Although this is book 1 of a series, the rest weren't published. I'm not sure that it isn't because it's not the best book and often reads like it was an exercise in writing fantasy. I found it at times tedious and at other times laughable, there was potential there but it failed.

It was readable but just barely and I wouldn't have hunted up the sequels to be honest. Several of the characters were paper thin and the bad guys had absolutely no redieming features.

Good but really not my kind of read. I'm not sure that expectation spoiled it for me but it was underwhelming.

Cara does magic that turns her into a warrior so that she can avenge her family, during her quest she has to make some very hard choices. A mythic story that has a lot of depth.