Thursday, August 03, 2006

I read some of this series when I was younger and really enjoyed them, however I found that this felt a bit forced. In his Author's Note he said that he had an idea for a computer game and this is the partial expression of his concept of the game.

I've read worse but I have to say that I've read better, and in this series too. The constant preoccupation that Nada Naga seems to have with her own body just grates, and comes across as being more than a little sexist and out of place.

Dug and Kim seperately get into the life-like computer game of Xanth from the mundane world and find themselves very involved in it to the point of stepping into the game. The find themselves occaisionally tripping over the pun-laden world of Xanth, and the social formulae of the world as well.

Again not the worst book I've read but nothing spectacular. Sorry Piers you didn't win me back to hunting down the rest of the series to read it again.

The story wasn't bad but the enviromental/scientific lectures almost made me want to drop the book on Mr Crichton's head.

Taking a Lawyer, John Evans (why they took him along is never really clear) on a roller-coaster ride to try and stop some radical enviromentalists from causing a catastrophy to highlight the perils of ignoring the greenhouse effect. It questions the reality of received science and perception of problems. There's also a love interest in there somewhere and enough twists and turns to almost make you forget about the lectures.

Not the worst book I've read but honestly could have done with less data and more plot.

The story of three generations of women and how their lives mirror each other, yet stay different. What they are all looking for is love and a home but the searching doesn't always find what they're looking for. The echoes of Graineuaile and mermaids in the story were well done as well. The different way that people deal with grief is dealt with quite well and in an sympathetic manner.

This is one of the few books I've read by someone from the US that doesn't make me want to get annoyed because they dwell on comparing Ireland to the US. This just describes how things are and lets the reader decide.

I really did enjoy the story, I'm glad that my curiousity about some LibraryThing Authors made me hunt it up and read it. I would recommend it as a read.

An interesting story, partially for the entire story itself but also for the interwoven myth and historical interpretation of it in later years. How centuries later the story is twisted by the perception of the writers. It was funny to see how the most discredited writer was actually closer to the truth than the more academically accepted writers.

Jenna's life is haunted by a prophecy. Everything she does seems to fulfil this prophecy and sets the wheels in motion to change the world she lives in. With a patriarchy meeting a matriarcy this is going to be an interesting fight for the future of this world. Set in a pseudo earth with some roots in this one it's an interesting read.

An interesting story about revenge and overcoming blindness with the help of faerie at a time when faerie was starting to leave England. Quite a good read but in some ways left me wanting more and wanting a little less of the archaic.