Thursday, August 03, 2006

I read some of this series when I was younger and really enjoyed them, however I found that this felt a bit forced. In his Author's Note he said that he had an idea for a computer game and this is the partial expression of his concept of the game.

I've read worse but I have to say that I've read better, and in this series too. The constant preoccupation that Nada Naga seems to have with her own body just grates, and comes across as being more than a little sexist and out of place.

Dug and Kim seperately get into the life-like computer game of Xanth from the mundane world and find themselves very involved in it to the point of stepping into the game. The find themselves occaisionally tripping over the pun-laden world of Xanth, and the social formulae of the world as well.

Again not the worst book I've read but nothing spectacular. Sorry Piers you didn't win me back to hunting down the rest of the series to read it again.

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