Thursday, July 13, 2006


Why do some books get priority over others?

You know I'm not sure, some days I feel a need for shorter books, books around the 200 page length rather than the huge tomes of 400+ pages. It's just me. Sometimes my hands have problems with bed and larger books and I just want to enjoy a book not have my hands twitching so badly that I can't read the book due to the shaking. That is sometimes quite a shame really cause some of the better books are where the author goes to a lot of trouble to get into the characters and just write. On the other hand sometimes brevity is the soul of a good read!

I have been known to take a longer book and alternate it with a shorter book, almost as a prize for getting through so many pages.

I've also been known to do the maths on a book and work out what percentage I've read. Sad I know but sometimes my inner maths geek flares.

How come you have so many books out from the library?

I work there. There are certain privileges to working in a library!

Do you really read all those books?

Yup. See reviews on, see wyvernfriend as number 2! See wyvernfriend in awe of number 1! I also have a listing on, not quite as impressive as some others. But I am the third most prolific reviewer.

Tho there have been a few books that have, well, been abandoned. Sometimes I have read bad books because there was nothing else but, really, there have been some that have just been plain too bad to finish. I clock them on Bibliophil as unfinished and note why in the comments. These would come off the count and if I owned them would end up bookcrossed, hoping that there would be someone out there.

There have also been a few that have been a bit trainwreckish. So bad that I couldn't stop reading but I wanted that time back when I was finished.

Where do you get the time?

Work sometimes is pretty slow, and lunchtime, breaks and bed. I have to read for at least 15 minutes before going to sleep and I have quite a quick reading speed.

Do you re-read?

Sometimes. Some of my books are very tatty from re-reading. There will be a spate of re-reading when Harry Potter comes around.

You read several books at a time?

Yup. I'm easily distracted, and I usually have a few books on the go at any one time. There's a forest of bookmarks in books under my bed.

Books under your bed?

Many. Lots. Not as nicely organised as when we used to sleep over the bookshelf (a bed my husband made) but all there all the same. Occasionally they get pulled out and some discoveries are made but there are some books that have found rabbit holes in my house.

the links, why do you choose particular books?

The Links are to I'm an amazon associate, so far I've earned 0.00 from this. I do this more for the buzz of having a bookblog. I pick the link based first on availability and picture availability, and then I pick the cheapest. That is of course provided that there's actually a link at all to them. I read some old books and sometimes they're kinda rare.

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