Thursday, July 27, 2006

A pretty standard Anne McCaffrey story, actually the bugs as villans appear elsewhere in her series. Readable tho.

The fourth book in the Acorna series some of the backstory is filled in within the first chapter so you don't really have to have read the rest. Acorna is a very beautiful half-unicorn half-humanoid being who was brought up by some humans and thinks she's the only one until she finds more of her kind. She has to work out a way of fitting into society.

In this one she goes in search of a new home and when they hear a distress call they find a world that's lush, when they're attacked by the insectile Khleevi, when searching for a refuge they make a Khleevi ship crash and when chasing them they accidentally discover a way to fight them. They race against time to produce the solution before the Khleevi decimate as many races as they can reach.

I wasn't incredibly impressed but it is quite readable.

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