Sunday, June 17, 2012

Reading grooves

.. or could it be a rut?

Sometimes books are like a lie-in.  You know you should get up but bed is comfortable, you're just the right temperature and you can see no pressing need to get up.

I've been there, reading the same author over a period of time, and there comes a time when you run out of that authors books or the author changes.  I've seen people complain about this, they don't seem to see how people do change and how their lives make these changes.  I also notice that I have a tendency to read the same type of books over a period of time.

I've also seen people who re-read the same books over and over to get the same experience out of them, but really you can't.  Life changes you, or at least it should change you, your relationship with books changes over time.  There are times when some books become like old friends, where you are almost not reading them but experiencing the emotions you had when you first read them, but you change, you experience life and what you do and what is done to you changes your life experience and how you reflect what's in the book.  Sometimes when you re-read what you take from the book can be different, and sometimes it can resonate in a different way, sometimes not in the best way.

I spent a lot of my youth worrying about writing something original, not I'm starting to realise that by just writing it myself I'm going to write something original, because it's going to be by me, unless I cut and paste from someone else the worst would be having echoes of some of the authors I enjoy reading, and in some instances that wouldn't be the worst thing I could do.

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