Thursday, December 10, 2015

Silk Roads vs Mills and Boon

I do this pretty often, read two, or more books at the same time, often a very light book with a heavy read, one that is occupying a lot of my thoughts. This is the case with The Silk Road by Peter Frankopan and the semi-random Mills and Boon Modern Intrigue that is bedside at the moment.  The Silk Road is making me think and I'm reading it at work. After all it's a weighty hardback of 600+ pages, so I'm reading it at work. It also belongs technically to another authority I'd rather not damage it in transit. The cover is lush, but that half-sleeve thing is just asking to be torn in library use. The cover doesn't have the title on the front, just on the spine.

So yes, the topics from this are mostly occupying my brain while I let it spin in idle over the adventures of a rich woman and her missing sister with cultish leader bad guy plotting .. I have to find the name now, mystic something.. ah Mystic Isle by Joanna Wayne, a pretty predictable romance adventure cross that is the perfect tool to let me wind down at night.

Frankopan is interesting, the way he is re-orientating history, quite literally is making me think, though some of it is definitely in the realm of yes, yes I knew that, and? And then people remind me that what I think is common knowledge isn't, my brain has too much stuff lodged in it, stuff that makes me a bit different from most.

Tonight I will finish Mystic Isle, I'm nearly at the end, and I'll pick something else to read. Something else to let my brain wind down.

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