Sunday, January 31, 2016

Musings on Libraries

I still fall into the book trap when I talk about things I've borrowed from the library, though I can borrow more and there was a time when you could borrow pictures.  There are places where you can borrow seeds, toys, tools and other things. There are new things coming on stream with the libraries like emagazines and I'm sure more to come, it's interesting times, but where we're going I don't know.

I had an interesting moment in a Starbucks I regularly visit with one of the baristas where she was discussing how she was having minor problems with English and I suggested she go to the library in the ILAC centre and use the resources of the Open Learning Centre, She had never heard of it and I thought that was a shame, we have so much to offer and people complain about things they can't do that we provide for free.  The resources available through the Business Library are vast and really useful for anyone wanting to set up a business or retrain.  How do I know all this? The bills for their magazines pass my desk.

I'm sure there will be a place into the future for libraries but what it will be, I have no idea. But if I hear one more person tell me we're outdated and useless...

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